Restoring Nutrient Density To Our Food

Since all health begins in the soil we are passionate about:

-Implementing Regenerative Soil Practices

-Raising 100% Grass-fed and 100% Grass Finished Beef.

-100% Antibiotic, Hormone, and Grain Free

Delivered Right To Your Door

Do You Know Your Rancher?

-Ever wonder where your food has come from or how it was raised?

-Desire to have your food delivered right to your doorstep without any shipping charges or hidden fees?

-Not have enough time to research the healthier options for the food you buy?

-Feel like trying find a healthy food options makes your brain hurt?

-Get frustrated with food labels that claim to be healthy only to find out that they are anything but healthy?

-Are your food choices good for the environment?

How It Works

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Create your free account and choose the pickup location closest to you OR choose HOME DELIVERY to get it shipped right to your doorstep!

2 Shop

Browse through our ever growing selection of pasture-raised products. Add the products you like to your order.

3 Enjoy

If you chose HOME DELIVERY simply watch for the delivery man on the day our product is intended to be delivered. Gather your family and Enjoy a great meal!


They sent us a sample pack and it was delicious! 😋 Cant wait for our order to arrive.
Justine in MT Justine in MT
They are selling high quality, grass-fed beef. It is amazing- I can vouch for that! Give their products a try!
Milo in SD Milo in SD
Roy, I am in the middle of a big juicy grass fed burger and it is DELICIOUS!! You should sure be proud of your product!
Michaela in SD
The meat is great... very, very good! We love the hot dogs and how filling they are. The roast we've tried so far was flavorful and tender. We are very pleased!
Sandra in SD
Wow!!! I grill a lot of different meats and this is absolutely amazing beef. It’s melt in your mouth steaks and the beef dogs are delicious highly recommend Triple T Brand meats.
Alvin in SD Alvin in SD